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Jtree Tweetup Reunion

Page history last edited by Eileen Ringwald 9 months, 1 week ago

Save the Dates! Nov 8-11 2019!


If you can come earlier, please do and help grab sites!


More to come...


Also, share with other JtreeTweetup alums from JtreeTweetup - JTreeTweetup 5!



Confirmed as of 11/4/19:

Eileen +1 - Arrival: Thurs 11/7  Depart: Mon 11/11  Eileen's +1 might be arriving later than 11/7

1 car, 1 tent, rack and rope, old trad guidebook, new sport guide book, can bring an extra helmet if anyone needs one


Peter B  (Eileen's local friend) -  Arrival: Wed 11/6 1 car,  will grab what site(s) he can and aim for Ryan. He has a white Tacoma truck with a shell... like every climber.  He's going to grab my Big Agnes giant orange and white tent though so that'll help identify the sites better.  


Elizabeth Iverson, Seth, Owen - Hi everyone. Needed to move our dates back a couple of days in lieu of a missed preschool event. Oops! We'll be in Saturday evening, hoping we can find y'all in the dark! Which campground will you be aiming for?  Ryan but we should be able to text or email you before you arrive with more precise info. - Eileen  

Arrival: Sat 11/9. Stay until everyone leaves, and maybe beyond...  - 1 minivan (can carpool)

  1 car, 1 tent, rack and rope, guidebook. Hiking shoes.


Elizabeth Leddy +0 (mom needs a break) - Arrival: Thurs 11/7 BUR -Sun 11/10 1 car. Will bring whatever gear makes sense on a plane. Rope for sure, likely some trad gear but I'm rusty on the lead.


Nina S & Harper - 1 car from Palm Springs airport 11/7


Iain & Christina - 1 car 11/8 (staying outside of the park)


Coming but exact dates not set yet:

Kat, Amie, Clara - 1 car


Update the above as needed!


Nitty gritty:  Sites are $15/site per night (up $1 from the first JtreeTweetup).  As we've done before, early birds will grab sites as soon as we can get them and will have to pay for each site to hold them. Total cost will be split out to a per night / per person charge. We're aiming for 3 or 4 sites total because it's only 2 cars, 3 tents and 6 people are allowed per site. We can make do with 3 sites if we leave one car at Boy Scout and shuttle who ever owns that one.  


  • When going through town pick up firewood please :)
  • Bring water  (but this is a reunion, you all already know to do that!) 
  • Weather's gonna be pretty nice (saw some reports saying highs in upper 70s and lows in 40s). Sunny through out
  • If for some really bizarre reason we can't get sites we can circle wagons in the BLM lakebed area - it's not bad at all (just zero amenities of course)


Comments (19)

Peter Carey said

at 6:23 am on Aug 19, 2019

<tap tap tap> Is this thing on?
Hi there! It's a great idea and thanks for starting the thread, Eileen!
Unfortunately, you picked the day I return from Nepal and my anniversary so I won't be making it, as has been the case since I got married. Bummed, but I'll be happy knowing you all are hanging out just 3 hours away having a grand old time.

Eileen Ringwald said

at 7:48 pm on Aug 26, 2019

Maybe you can come out for a day with the early birds before the official weekend?

Elizabeth Leddy said

at 9:53 am on Aug 19, 2019

whooaaaahh its been forever! Can I still come even if 2 kids has left my hands and arms weaker than pinot grigio at a frat party? ;) I will do my best to ditch the kids and be there!

Eileen Ringwald said

at 7:46 pm on Aug 26, 2019

I think Nina said it's been 10 years since the very first Tweetup?! Yes, you can come as you are! ;) Also kids will be around I believe so if they are interested in climbing or scrambling safely, think about bringing them!

Katherine Gray said

at 11:00 am on Aug 19, 2019

Hooray! So excited to see everyone! Right now, expect me; my wife, Amie; and my 16-year-old climbing kid, Clara. I, too, am waaay out of climbing shape but happy to have a date to work toward building back up.

Eileen Ringwald said

at 7:47 pm on Aug 26, 2019

Yay, it will be so great to see you again, and meet your family!

George Sudarkoff said

at 8:11 pm on Aug 26, 2019

We are going to try and make our way down there. But probably without kids. Would SO LOVE to see you all! I cannot believe it's been 10 years. Where does time go!?

shesgotmoxie615@gmail.com said

at 10:38 pm on Aug 26, 2019

I would love to come too but I will be about a million weeks pregnant in November. Hard to believe it’s already been 10 years. I have such incredible memories of our trips. xoxo, katiebeth

Eileen Ringwald said

at 8:16 pm on Sep 9, 2019

When I saw on Facebook that you were expecting, I kinda figured you might not make it ;) Congrats though, and you'll have to join us some other time!

Katherine Gray said

at 10:49 pm on Aug 26, 2019

@eileen How do we invite people? There are a few other climbing Twitter people who want to come: Elizabeth Iverson and her husband, Seth.

Eileen Ringwald said

at 10:01 pm on Aug 27, 2019

Oh yes, Liz and Seth must come! Just email them this page! http://climbingtweetup.pbworks.com/w/page/135002424/Jtree%20Tweetup%20Reunion#cr1566884959

Elizabeth said

at 11:11 am on Sep 2, 2019

Hi everyone! Eliz here. Plane tickets purchased, looking forward to seeing you all. We'll have Seth, Eliz, and Owen. Owen will have just turned 4.
We're not in the best climbing shape, but it'll be fun to get on rock again. We'll bring a rope and a rack.

Elizabeth said

at 11:23 am on Sep 2, 2019

We'll be flying into LAX Thursday, Nov. 7. Renting a minivan. Happy to carpool if someone needs a ride. We'll have room.

Eileen Ringwald said

at 8:11 pm on Sep 9, 2019

Hooray! Excited to see the whole family!!

TerriB said

at 11:53 am on Sep 2, 2019

Aww man. I can’t make it. I have WRF recertification the next week in Bend, Or. Even for me that’s too much traveling... blame Peter and his awesome Nepal trek we will have just returned from at the end of October.
I will mis seeing everyone again :-/

Eileen Ringwald said

at 8:15 pm on Sep 9, 2019

Aww darn! But you will have to send photos of Nepal for us to view at camp!

Elizabeth Leddy said

at 3:57 pm on Oct 8, 2019

Got my flights! Will be in Thursday, leaving sunday late can help grab sights. Flying in through burbank. Will rent a car or... something.

Eileen Ringwald said

at 11:12 pm on Oct 10, 2019

Yay Liz! I'll likely be in Thursday as well.

George Sudarkoff said

at 8:03 pm on Oct 20, 2019

Regretfully, Adrienne and George won't be able to make it. Y'all have some extra fun for us, please!

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