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Gunks Tweetup

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Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing is inherently dangerous and the risk of death or serious injury can never be completely eliminated. It is up to each individual to make his or her own choices regarding acceptable risk. Tweetups are collaborative efforts with no individual organizers, and each participant only assumes liability for their own well being, just as you assume liability for yours! Cheers!



Participants - Who's Planning on Going?

If you think you might be able to make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc. Hashtag: #gunkstweetup



The dates represented are the Saturday of each given weekend. I'm assuming we'll make a long weekend of the trip with whoever can go, so keep that in mind. If a particular weekend works for you, put your name next to that date and update the tally. If a date doesn't work for you, leave it blank. 


Lets try again in September. too many people busy.




In-Town Rally Points: 


  •   New Paltz, NY
    • The Gilded Otter




Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Airport Options

Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA (AVP) - @billurbanski, @archweaver, and @patrickgensel live near here. Our best option to provide rides for others.

Binghamton, NY (BGM) - 135 mi. to New Paltz. little out of the way and no good direct route to New Paltz.

LaGuardia, (LGA) - Bus service available from NYC to New Paltz

John F Kennedy, (JFK) - Bus service available from NYC to New Paltz

Newark Liberty, (EWR) - 83 miles from New Paltz

Washington Area Airports - I can drive people up from the DC/Baltimore area. Might be the cheapest flights. Have room for 3 in my car. 2 if the dog comes with.



Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, also note if you can carpool

  • @patrickgensel - I have a small SUV and can pick some folks up or help find rides.
  • @pwcarey - I'll stick with my plan to steal or rent a car somehow
  • @taxnerdatplay - driving down from Toronto, may have room or could bring a van instead if people need rides from here
  • @billurbanski - local with Toyota Rav4. AVP is closest airport to me, and ~2 hrs. from Gunks. 
  • @archweaver - 2 hour drive from Wilkes-Barre to New Paltz, can give rides, pick people up from AVP or Binghamton.
  • @tiffanymroyal - will try to conspire with @pwcarey, flying in from Seattle
  • @BlueSkeyes207 - 
  • @k8tlevy - @kakistocray and I will drive up from Philly if we're coming 



Campsite Info


Park Entrance Fee Options: Entrance for climbers to the Gunks is $15 dollars a day.

Campsite Fees: New York Multi-Use Area is free, but is first come first served

Campsite Plan: @patrickgensel: I would like to get some sites at the NY MUA, or Camp Slime (campground next to the Trapps)

  • MUA has port-o-johns, no water, and limited parking. The MUA allows for approx 3 tents per site.  The best sites for hiking to the Trapps are the northwestern most sites.
  • MUA Maps:
  • Camp Slime is first come, first served.  You must park in the West Trapps Trailhead parking lot, which is a few minutes walk from the sites.  There are port-o-johns and trash/recycling bins.  No campfires are permitted. 

Backup Camping Options: There are a few other Pay options in the area such as the Yogi Bear camp ground (not really an option, rates are insane) and Creekview Campsite ($10 per person per night.)

Backup to the Backup: There was mention of public land around the Gunks at the Jtree camp fire.  More info would be appreciated...



Some Local Hotel Info/Links



High Exposure (5.6) super classic, extremely exposed. said to be the best 5.6 in the world.

Arrow (5.8)

Horseman (5.5) classic, but crowded

CCK (5.7)

Northern Pillar (5.2), yeah it's easy but it's the first route put up at the Gunks and I want to lead it (if I'm not leading trad before then)

Easy Verschneidung (Easy V) (5.3) @patrickgensel: did the first two pitches, really want to finish the third

Madame Grunnebaum's Wulst (Madame G's) (5.6)

The Dangler (5.10a). good to have a third on this, for photography



The Gunks are primarily a multi-pitch trad environment, therefore if you don't lead trad, be sure to let us know so we can organize it so everyone gets to climb. Top roping is possible for the first pitches of quite a few climbs, but guides and other groups will be vying for the good ones.  People will also be climbing through, since leaders get first flight. We will also need firewood!

Two-way radios - can be useful due to many roofs and blind-belays





  • @patrickgensel - 2 60m ropes, a 70m rope, cams up to #4, some doubles, two sets of stoppers and various other cool stuffs! 
  • @archweaver - 60 m rope, Gunks rack up to #2 C4.
  • @k8tlevy - @kakistocrat and I have a rope and anchor building equipment, but no trad gear...we don't lead trad...yet! 




Emergency Info





Useful Links








No really, this is the end. 


No it's not.