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Bon Echo Tweetup

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Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing is inherently dangerous and the risk of death or serious injury can never be completely eliminated. It is up to each individual to make his or her own choices regarding acceptable risk. Tweetups are collaborative efforts with no individual organizers, and each participant only assumes liability for their own well being, just as you assume liability for yours! Cheers!



I'm going to try to get this planned. There are some calls to make and emails to send and some logistics to figure out to see if I can make it happen, but I figured I'd put the page up and see how much interest there is in doing this.



About Bon Echo

Bon Echo Canoe with CliffBon Echo is a provincial park in Ontario, the highlight of which is Mazinaw Rock, a 2km long 300ft high cliff rising out of Mazinaw Lake. Climbing is pretty much all trad, graded 5.0 - 5.11, and some routes have to be started from a boat. Yes, I said the start is from a boat. Others can be started from the ground.


Bon Echo is managed by the Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section. There is an ACC hut there for the use of members and guests. The ACC has custodians on site that can help with boat service. 


I'm still researching the logistics and will get in touch with the ACC to figure out what has to happen for us to have a Tweetup there, assuming there's enough interest.

Picture from Flickr (attributable to Dennis Barnes)


For some additional info on Bon Echo, here are a few links:  

(apologies to site admins, I'll relocate these thing and complete the rest of the template as I sort through the information and learn more)





Participants - Who's Planning on Going?

If you think you might be able to make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc. Hashtag: #


  • @TaxNerdAtPlay
  • @patrickgensel 
  • @cdnrockiesgirl (+1 possibly?) 
  • @PrivonG (possible)



Important Note for American Friends

You will need a valid passport or NEXUS card to enter Canada and return home.


Info from travel.state.gov


Some excerpts, just so you know... 

"Canada is a highly developed, stable democracy. Tourist facilities are widely available in much of the country, but the northern and wilderness areas are less developed and facilities there can be vast distances apart."


"Entry into Canada is solely determined by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials in accordance with Canadian law.  Please see the CBSA’s website for details.  Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card or NEXUS card (see below) satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens. If U.S. citizen travelers to Canada do not have a passport, passport card or approved alternate document such as a NEXUS card, they must show a government-issued photo ID (e.g. Driver’s License) and proof of U.S. citizenship such as a U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or expired U.S. passport."


"When returning to the United States from Canada, it is very important to note that all U.S. citizens are required to present a valid U.S. passport to enter or re-enter the United States via air.  For entry into the United States via land and sea borders, U.S. citizens must present either a U.S. passport, passport card, NEXUS card, Enhanced Drivers License or other Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)-compliant document."




Really unsure of dates at this time, it will depend on discussions with the ACC.  I've put up some time in July to October since there are other Tweetups planned earlier in the season, and Bon Echo close for rock in late October for now. I'll refine the proposed dates ASAP.


The dates represented are the Saturday of each given weekend. I'm assuming we'll make a long weekend of the trip with whoever can go, so keep that in mind. If a particular weekend works for you, put your name next to that date and update the tally. If a date doesn't work for you, leave it blank. 


  • 7/2:     
    • @TaxNerdAtPlay
    • @patrickgensel 
  • 10/29:     
    • @TaxNerdAtPlay
    • @patrickgensel 


@PrivonG - neither of these dates work for me, but keep me informed if other options manifest themselves.



In-Town Rally Points: 


  • Bon Echo Provincial Park
    • I don't think there's a much of a town there, so we might have to meet in the park itself
  • Toronto
    • Depending where you're coming from Toronto might make sense as a rally point. I live in Mississauga (effectively Toronto). Bon Echo is a four-hour drive from here
  • Will add others as I refine the plan




Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Airport Options

Toronto, ON (YYZ) - 

Buffalo, NY (BUF) - about an hour from Mississauga

Montreal, QC (YUL) - about the same distance as Toronto, maybe a bit closer



Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, also note if you can carpool

  • @TaxNerdAtPlay - driving from Mississauga (aka Toronto)
  • @patrickgensel - driving from Northeast PA 



Campsite Info


TBD. There are a few options, including camping in the park (expensive, has to be booked 5 months or so in advance) and a private campground there. Still working on options...


Park Entrance Fee Options

Campsite Fees:

Campsite Plan:

Backup Camping Options:



Some Local Hotel Info/Links

  • place1



If you've got any must-do routes or problems, here's where you record that!

Routes at Bon Echo are old... most were put up in the 50's and 60's, and as a result they tend to be graded easier than they actually are. Most groups start with the classic Birthday Ridge (5.2 or 5.0)... this was the first route put up at Bon Echo, and remains a classic.


  • Birthday Ridge (5.2 or 5.0) ***



Emergency Info





Useful Links









No really, this is the end. 



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