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Red Rocks Tweetup 2011

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Red Rocks Tweetup




Reservation Receipt: eleddy.PDF

Camping Info: Info to Email With Camp Res.PDF


Participants - Who's Planning on Going?

Y'all know how this part goes, if you went to the Jtree Tweetup. If you think you might be able to make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc. Once we have a participant list, we'll set up a more organized roster.)


  • @katiebeth-central CA
  • @eleddy from San Diego, CA. April works best for me since March is a big conference time but I'll try to squeeze in anything. I may bring up to 2 others depending on the date. I coordinated the campground - if you need anything contact me at (707) 776-6797. That is my google voice and I'll leave any messages there in case there is no phone reception.
  • @unredacted from Tucson AZ - this is tentative, depending on how my shoulder's doing. Surgery is scheduled for January 19th, so the later this happens, the greater the chance that I'll be able to come and climb! I'm out. The shoulder's doing well, but I'm nowhere near climbing yet. So sad to miss again.
  • @rockgrrl from Ventura, CA - I'm only putting in one date for now, I hope to add more possibilities later
  • @tiffanymroyal - easter weekend, flying down from Seattle
  • @dubid0 - I'll be coming from SB, probably in the Fit, so there would be room to carpool w/ a couple more people.I'm out due to a relapse in my shoulder tendonitis :( Have a blast, everyone! See you next time!
  • @adrienneknits -- SF BAY Area -- Santa Clara.
  • @sudarkoff -- SF Bay Area, Sunnyvale. Driving.
  • @LMarle -- Manitoba, Canada. Flying into Las Vegas. Would have to be Easter weekend for me. Sorry just can't afford the flight at this time. Will be thinking of everyone, though. Please collect an extra #tacklehug from KB for me (or from me).
  • @dloo -- Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Flying into Vegas, expecting a 3 day weekend.  Can't check dates till I get into the office - so I'll update early next week.Welp!  Won't be able to make this after all...   have a blast, everyone!
  • @m1nd7r1p - St. Louis, MO  Most likely the first weekend in April.  I will be climbing with a group of St. Louis peeps, and will be there for a full 10 days starting the last Friday of March through the first Sunday in April. Will be flying to LV.
  • @DavidLutzy - OK you guy's are really making this hard on me.  I was "probably" going to Chamonix in that period but now I really dont know.  @nsmonkey is really making thigs difficult on me with hey "=) =) *tacklehugs*!!!!" ... So ok ... Flying down from MontrĂ©al "tentatevely" ... So probably driving in from Vegas ... And leaving from LAX    

    I am sorry I can not ge to RR at that moment.  New job starting the 6th of April.  Will be in California in match thought.  So let's #Tpup together! 

  • @tkaron - SF Bay Area, Santa Clara. Other plans came up for the month.
  • @Blueskeyes207 - MD, Last week of march is no good. I can't miss another one of these!!  Just can't do it :( Too many other things going on. :( :(
  • @JeremyShapiro - SF Bay Area - San Jose. Emily and I are flying in Thursday night and out Monday night and staying on the strip. :)
  • @gregable - SF Bay Area, Sunnyvale.  Sounds like fun, Wife and I will stay in a nearby hotel or something though - the campgrounds seem pretty primitive, no showers.
  • @joshuamontague - Boulder, CO. Didn't participate in JTree, so kinda new to this. But, planning on spending ~1 wk. Driving, w/ room for a couple more folks, most likely.
  • @daisie981 - Philly. Definitely in for Easter Weekend! Let's see if we can convince @adventuregrrl!  **Where is @RikRay???
  • @climbingguy123 - Birmingham (Alabama, not UK ;-) + 1 or 2 others (hopefully) Tentatively planning to bring lots o trad gear for those who would be interested in joining for a long moderate in Black Velvet Canyon on one of the days. I've done "Prince of Darkness", so I know the area. Thinking of "Frogland" (had to bail due to weather on pitch 2 last year)    Injured, dangit.
  • @pwcarey - Puget Sound Area, Airline ticket purchased!
  • @chadcat - coming from Santa Barbara, CA, hoping to carpool 


Date: 4/01-4/04 (Easter Weekend) 


@eleddy: date is set! I will be there thursday now - will 

@rockgrrl: the IC road trip may not be happening or may be significantly altered so we're not sure if we'd get to Red Rocks on Thursday or not. Will keep you updated as soon as we pin it down.

@eleddy: @rockgrrl (@ joshuamontague) do you know when you will know? I basically just want to know whether to reserve thursday night or not.  I won't be there until friday night late so unless someone claims they'll be there earlier then I'm just going to make reservations starting friday night.

@rockgrrl: Ok confirmed with Katie, we'll definitely be there Thursday so you can put it in my name if need be.

@tiffanymroyal: - arriving late thursday, 9 p.m. leaving late Sunday 9 p.m.

@pwcarey - Arriving late (9pm) on thursday and leaving late (9pm) on Sunday.

@eleddy: I emailed+called and the dates are available. I'm waiting on some forms in the mail, I'll pay in advance and then tweeps can pay me. I'll keep this up to date with what's happening as it unfolds but so far it doesn't seem like we'll have any issues. yay!

@daisie981: Trying to figure out when I'm coming...pretty flexible, but if @blueskeyes201 isn't coming I need a ride to and from LV airport--don't want to rent a car if it's just for me.  @joshuamontague said he can pick me up--is there a preference for pickup day? Dropoff Day? Anyone else coming from airport/going back to airport that I can hitch a ride with? Hoping to coordinate something.

@joshuamontague: I'm happy to help ferry a bit (a cramped -but buckled- 4/trip).  But, since so many tweeps are flying in, it may make more sense to split a van rental for a few days (much less driving, both to/from airport and to/from climbing days).  I suggest those who are flying in have a discussion and see what happens! 



NOTE: please indicate when you will be arriving so I can make group camp reservations!

[@joshuamontague: even though the group reservation thing is underway already, you should put down when you're coming in! I'll be there early in the week and want to hang out! :D ]


  • @eleddy (1): arriving Thursday night, leaving Sunday.
  • @LMarle (1)
  • @sudarkoff (1): @adrienneknits and I are arriving on Thursday night and leaving on Sunday
  • @adrienneknits (1)
  • @rockgrrl and @voden (2) we're arriving with @katiebeth on Wednesday
  • @katiebeth: Wednesday, I think, with @rockgrrl
  • @dloo + 1 
  • @davidLutzy (1) + 1?
  • @tiffanymroyal (1)
  • @dubid0 (1) + 1? : probably arriving Thursday night, leaving Sunday; backup plan: arrive Friday, leave Sunday My pulling out has left @chadcat ride-less. Can anyone pick him up?
  • @joshuamontague + 1, gf & I will be heading there Saturday (3/27) and sticking around allllllll week. Come say hi when you arrive! Blue Outback wagon & orange tent.
  • @daisie981
  • @climbingguy123 (1) + 2 for now
  • @pwcarey (1)
  • @chadcat - will arrive with the rest of carpool, ok with either Thurs or Fri
  • @gregable (2), arrive Thurs night, but staying in hotel.
  • @JeremyShapiro (2), flying in Thurs night, and out Monday night, but staying in hotel. Note, @gregable and @JeremyShapiro may camp one night TBD


Total: 17

Camping: 13

Hotel count: 2



Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, also note if you can carpool

  • @dubid0 - 1 car, coming from Santa Barbara, and I can fit +2 
  • @sudarkoff -- 1 Car Transport car if anybody from SF Bay Area wants to carpool
  • @joshuamontague - 1 car, 2 available seats (depending on gear volume). Coming from Denver->I70->I15.
  • @tiffanymroyal - 1 car, will be driving with @pwcarey, room for one more maybe, after gear and all ...
  • @chadcat - would like to hitch a ride from Santa Barbara
  • @katiebeth - @rockgrrl and I will be driving together from the LA area, but she's catching a ride back so I have space for a passenger who needs to get anywhere near central CA
  • @gregable - driving up from bay area, but will be spending a couple days in death valley afterwords, so if anyone needs a 1-way ride to RR from SF Bay area, can do, 2 available seats. 
  • @eleddy - driving from san diego. have room for 2-3 more


Campsite Info


Park Entrance Fee Options: $5 per car to get onto the Red Rocks Scenic loop road. There are options at Calico Basin (mainly single pitch trad and sport) that wouldn't cost the $5 per car.


Campsite Fees: Group site is $25 per night. I (@eleddy) sent in $75 for three nights, starting Thurs night. We theoretically havecampsite D. I have all the paperwork and will check in when I arrive.


Campsite Plan: The link to the BLM Red Rocks campground is located here. [N.B.: The only water sources are low spigots for drinking water.  There is no water disposal (i.e. no drains). Toilets are "vault" style.]  Hot showers are available 10 mins away at Red Rocks Indoor Climbing center (4$ to only use showers, free w 15$ day pass), next to Desert Rock Sports where crash pads can be rented for 15$ a day.Drive slow in and around the campground: speed traps and $250 speeding tickets are common. These are often reserved half a year in advance for peak times. Call the Visitor Center at 702-515-5371. 


Backup Camping Options: If there's enough of us, we could rent a condo for pretty cheap.  

    If Red Rocks campground is full, you can drive about 25 miles to Lovell Canyon where there is free camping with no facilities. From the junction of Highway 160 and 159, drive west on 160 for 12.6 miles and turn right on Lovell Canyon Road (which is about 5 miles past Mountain Springs Summit).

    Also, there is an Access Fund climbing get together at RR the week of March 19 thru 21, and they've listed a bunch of hotelswithin 15 miles of Red Rocks, with rates from 139$ a night to 69$ a night. There is also The Bonnie Springs motel/ranch/campground in a rustic wild west town nearby..info and link is here.



'In Vegas' Hotel options 

ARIA |                                                Rates from $127 Call 866-747-3563 or click here

Bellagio |                                          Rates from $127 Call 866-283-2893 or click here

Vdara |                                              Rates from $111 Call 877-201-0727 or click here

THEhotel |                                         Rates from $110 Call 877-632-7102 or click here

The Signature at MGM Grand |    Rates from $110 Call 866-665-7120 or click here

The Mirage |                                     Rates from $84 Call 866-210-5339 or click here

Mandalay Bay |                                Rates from $80 Call 877-632-7601 or click here

MGM Grand |                                     Rates from $71Call 877-264-1845 or click here

New York-New York |                     Rates from $56 Call 888-696-9606 or click here

Monte Carlo |                                    Rates from $48 Call 866-919-1967 or click here

Luxor |                                                Rates from $44 Call 877-786-6958 or click here

Excalibur |                                         Rates from $35 Call 877-840-2282 or click here

Circus Circus and Motor Lodge | Rates from $25 Call 866-755-7864 or click here



If you've got any must-do routes or problems, here's where you record that!


  • Strongly recommend "The Magic Bus" wall at the second pullout as starting point for RR. Sunny but not hot, great views, with Sport routes and a few trad routes, all one pitch (60 feet +-) with shuts at the top so they can be led then TR'd with a single 50M rope. Grades from 5.7 to 5.10a.(mostly 5.8) w very positive edges. For harder routes, it is just a short walk from there to The Black Corridor..(@climbingguy123)
  • The Black Corridor is popular for a reason:  80 great sport routes (a few trad routes), all well bolted and dramatically fun. Many in the 5.9 range, up to hard 5.11c. Good place to meet all the climbers from everywhere on the planet. Cool in the shade, gets fair amount of runoff after rain (@climbingguy123)




Just put your name and what you're bringing (i.e. ropes, crashpads, racks, etc.)  

  • @sudarkoff -- trad rack, sport rack, 60m dynamic rope, 35m static rope
  • @dloo :  60m rope, sport rack.  There's a place that we can rent crash pads on the West side of town just before that resort as you leave town for RR.  
  • @JeremyShapiro - 60m rope.
  • @climbingguy123 - trad rack, sport rack, several ropes, 2007 guidebook to RR by Jerry Handren, fleece and layered capilene for cool desert mornings and eves.
  • @joshuamontague - 60m & 70m rope, 2 sets of draws, Vegas Bouldering guide.
  • @tiffanymroyal - one set of draws, maybe my 60m rope
  • @pwcarey - meager rack and 60m rope, plenty o cameras
  • @dubid0 - trad rack (but no big sizes), 2x60m ropes, Handren's guidebook. If my +1 comes, I may be limited to doing super casual stuff, otherwise *grrrr* burl! (not really...)
  • @chadcat - some cams, can bring 2x60m ropes, can bring a crash pad, but doubt it's needed / will fit


Emergency Info

  • Emergency or Fire: 702-293-8932 or 911
  • BLM Las Vegas Field Office: 702- 515-5000
  • Red Rock Visitor Center: 702-515-5350


Useful Links


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