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Black Hills Tweetup (late spring 2012)

Page history last edited by Elizabeth 8 years, 5 months ago

Update: Sorry everyone, looks like 2012 isn't the year for this!

2013 perhaps?



Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing is inherently dangerous and the risk of death or serious injury can never be completely eliminated. It is up to each individual to make his or her own choices regarding acceptable risk. Tweetups are collaborative efforts with no individual organizers, and each participant only assumes liability for their own well being, just as you assume liability for yours! Cheers!



Participants - Who's Planning on Going?

If you think you might be able to make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc. Hashtag: #


  • @eliz_rocks
  • @aleyajean !! 
  • @climbrunliftmom - Not sure of a date yet. But was thinking of a road trip back to WI in May. This would be a nice addition to the trip!! 
  •  wigirl4ever - if it is after my move to WY! 





The dates represented are the Saturday of each given weekend. I'm assuming we'll make a long weekend of the trip with whoever can go, so keep that in mind. If a particular weekend works for you, put your name next to that date and update the tally. If a date doesn't work for you, leave it blank. 


Thinking May or June, 2012, once the snow melts.


  • 5/24:     
    • @aleyajean My birthday weekend!!
  • wigirl4ever - Mid-June on would work for me 





In-Town Rally Points: 


  •   town
    • place1






Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, also note if you can carpool

  • @person1





Campsite Info


Park Entrance Fee Options

Campsite Fees:

Campsite Plan:

Backup Camping Options:



Some Local Hotel Info/Links

  • place1



If you've got any must-do routes or problems, here's where you record that!





Emergency Info





Useful Links









No really, this is the end. 



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