4th Annual JTree Tweetup - Joshua Tree National Park

4th Annual JTree Tweetup 2012 - November 9-11, 2012

Quadruple the Fun! - Joshua Tree National Park, California



Participants - Who's Going?

If you can make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc.) Hashtag: #JtreeTweetup 



The dates represented cover the weekend. Early/late arrivals can make a longer trip with whoever can go (and - @rockgrrl speaking, I usually am out a minimum of 5 days), so keep that in mind. Put your name and number of guests (+1).


November 9-11, 2012 (Note Veteran's Day Weekend) 




Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, what day you plan on arriving in Jtree, and also note if you can carpool


Campsite Info


Park Entrance Fee Options:


Campsite Fees:

Hidden Valley, Belle, Ryan, Jumbo Rocks and White Tank campgrounds are $10 a night. You pay using an envelope system once you've found a site.


Campsite Plan:

@rockgrrl: I'll be doing my plan from last year and getting sites on Tuesday or Wednesday, aiming for sites next to each other at Ryan Campground. I will post campsite numbers on the Ryan campground bulletin board (notes are on the back of the boards).


Email me at my twitter name plus rockgrrl.com ( or send me a Twitter DM) to let me know your arrival day and how many cars/people you have.  I'll be aiming for a minimum of 4 sites again (6 people, 3 tents, 2 cars per site means that will cover 24 folks and 8 cars without any issues with rangers).


If you don't need a campsite let me know so I don't try to wrangle a site we don't need. If you are unconfirmed as of Monday you are of course still welcome to join us but you will not be included in campsite space / parking allocation.


Shuttling of extra cars to/from the Boyscout trailhead parking lot may need to be worked out. 


Please bring cash for camping fees, sharing between everyone it should end up being pretty economical. I'll get the word out which site is base camp and other camp site numbers via a note on the back of the Ryan campground bulletin board.


Backup Camping Options:



If you've got some routes on your tick list, list your name and routes here



i.e. We will need 30 ropes, 50 biners, firewood (firewood provided by/paid for by Mountain Mama and ClimbOn!), etc


Emergency Info

Emergency Information 


Useful Links


Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing is inherently dangerous and the risk of death or serious injury can never be completely eliminated. It is up to each individual to make his or her own choices regarding acceptable risk. Tweetups are collaborative efforts and each participant only assumes liability for their own well being, just as you assume liability for yours! Cheers!


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