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5th Annual JTree Tweetup - JTreeTweetup 5

Page history last edited by Nina Suetake 7 years ago

5th Annual JTree Tweetup 2013

Five Crazy Years! - Joshua Tree National Park, California

Wow it's the 5th Annual! 5 years of crazy fun in the desert! Twitter #climb crew convene!


Participants - Who's Going?

If you can make it, put your name on the list with any relevant notes. (i.e. possibly bringing friends, etc.) Hashtag: #JtreeTweetup 


November 8-11, 2013 (Note Veteran's Day Weekend) 

    • @rockgrrl +1
    • @monkeysmash +1
    • @rockmaven56 +2
    • @sudarkoff + @adrienneknits + 1 
    • @patrickgensel 
    • @billurbanski (possible +1) 
    • @katatakwong + @benpope (possibly +2!)
    • @eleddy + 1 + pup
    • @feesh + 1 maybe
    • @andiran (possibly +2)
    • @expectadventure (probably with kids)
    • @ramseljames
    • @JeremyShapiro 
    • @thiskat (I'll stay through the 14th) 
    • @ride395 



Where we can see how to get who where in the most efficient/convenient way. Post if you're willing to carpool & from where, or if you find any great plane ticket deals, etc...


Vehicle Count

Add your name and how many vehicles you will have, what day you plan on arriving in Jtree, and also note if you can carpool

  • @rockgrrl - From Ventura, CA. 1 car starting Tues night through Sun night (possibly through Mon night)
  • @ride395 - 1 car starting Tues 
  • @monkeysmash (From SF - I am hoping to leave Thurs afternoon but this may change depending on work. Will be there by Friday night for sure.) 
  • @rockmaven56 From Sacramento. 1 car. Wed-Sun night (leaving Monday morning)
  • @sudarkoff - 1 car from Friday early afternoon till Monday late morning
  • @patrickgensel - Gonna try something different this year. I'll be flying into Las Vegas and renting a car there. 
  • @eleddy, driving from san diego, returning to oakland. arriving friday, leaving...?
  • @feesh, from Oakland! 
  • @andiran, from Oakland (Planning to leave Oakland Nov 7, leave JTree Nov 12) 
  • @expectadventure - Local. Probably just a Saturday day trip. 
  • @ramseljames, from Bay Area. Minivan. 11/5 - 11/18.
  • @thiskat, flying into Palm Springs, noon on 11/8, renting a car. Returning 11/14


Campsite Info


Park Entrance Fee Options:

  • 7-Day Vehicle Permit $15
  • Joshua Tree National Park Annual Pass $30
  • Interagency Annual Pass: $80 this pass replaces the National Park Pass and Golden Eagle Passport. It provides access to Federal recreation sites, including National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and U.S. Forest Service.


Campsite Fees:

Hidden Valley, Belle, Ryan, Jumbo Rocks and White Tank campgrounds are $10 a night. You pay using an envelope system once you've found a site.


Campsite Plan:

@rockgrrl: I'll be doing my plan from past years where I and any early arrivals will be getting sites on Tuesday or Wednesday, aiming for sites next to each other at Hidden Valley Campground, with our second choice being Ryan Campground. We may split sites this year between Hidden Valley and Ryan, with main base camp being in Hidden Valley if we can get at least 2 sites there. I will post campsite numbers on the campground bulletin board (notes are on the back of the boards).


Backup Camping Options:

  • There is BLM land near Joshua Tree
  • Hotels/Motels in Joshua Tree (the town)
  • Hotels/Motels in 29 Palms
  • If things are full and you don't want a hotel or to camp on BLM land you can backpack on the boy scout trail, It's close and you only have to be one mile from the road to set up. I have done this when Hidden Valley and everything near that was completely full and it worked out well (quiet and peaceful). There is a backcountry parking lot near the entrance to get on the trail. 



If you've got some routes on your tick list, list your name and routes here



i.e. We will need 30 ropes, 50 biners, firewood, etc

  • @rockgrrl - rack, cameras, the old thick Jtree guidebook, 60 Trad Climbs book, the newer Green guidebook by Randy Vogel.
  • @monkeysmask - rack, 70m rope 
  • @rockmaven56 rack, 60m rope & 70m rope, 60 Trad Climbs book, newer green Randy Vogel guide book, Joshua Tree Climbs Robert Miramontes
  • @sudarkoff - I have a full trad rack, a sport rack and a couple of 70m ropes, but I'm not sure what we'll be bringing yet since we'll be flying in
  • @feesh - JTree bouldering book and two/three crashpads 
  • @andiran - have 70m rope, 6 draws, 3 locking carabiners, 20ft webbing 
  • @ramseljames - 60m, full rack, triple crashpad 
  • @jeremyshapiro - 60m rope, set of sports draws 


Emergency Info

Emergency Information 


Useful Links


Climbing is Dangerous

Climbing is inherently dangerous and the risk of death or serious injury can never be completely eliminated. It is up to each individual to make his or her own choices regarding acceptable risk. Tweetups are collaborative efforts and each participant only assumes liability for their own well being, just as you assume liability for yours! Cheers!


Previous Tweetups

Looking for info on an old tweetup? Check here:



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Comments (1)

Eileen Ringwald said

at 3:28 pm on Oct 31, 2013

Hey all, Tweetup is almost here! If you can update how many cars we can expect I'd appreciate it ! (we had some "maybe" carpools above).

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